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MAD Strengths Advisor Training 201

June 8th - June 9th, 2018

$20 - $235

Instructor: Julie Vyas

Location: Mid-Atlantic District Missional Resource Center

100 Central Ave. Glen Burnie, MD 21061

Nazarene Strengths Advisor 201 is a two day course which equips advisors to work one-on-one with individual members of a congregation, helping them to understand their God-given strengths and to discover “what they do best” in ministry and service.

Building upon what individuals learned in Strengths Advocate 101, the goal of this course is to provide a  concrete understanding of an individual’s strengths as well as an overall knowledge of all 34 talent themes.

As a result of the training, participants are equipped with skills designed to help others understand and express their unique ministry within their faith community.

The goals of this two day course are to:

  • Deepen your awareness of strengths concepts and practices
  • Discover how to build strengths from talents
  • Understand the deeper dynamics of strengths including their affect on personal engagement, relationships and spiritual health
  • Arm you with tools to use during your one-on-one advising sessions

Attendance at a Strengths Advocate 101 training (or the like)  is a pre-requisite to taking this course.

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MAD's Strengths Advocate 101

June 16th - June 16th, 2020

$10 - $54

Instructor: Kenneth Balch

Location: The Church Cross of the Nazarene

1818 N. Little Creek Road, Dover DE 19901

Strengths Advocate 101 is a one-day workshop where you will learn more about your own top five strengths.  You will also receive the tools an advocate needs to help others appreciate and apply their strengths.

The goals of this course are to two-fold:

  • Build knowledge of an individuals five signature strengths (based on Gallup, Inc.'s StrengthsFinder Inventory)
  • Identify and provide tools for leading a strengths-based ministry initiative within a congregational setting

You must have taken the Strengthsfinder Assesment and know your top 5 strengths.